If you have received a $500 Grocery Savings Pass Redemption Certificate, then you are entitled to activate it conveniently on this simple to use redemption and fulfillment website so that you can get YOUR CHOICE of manufacturer grocery coupons mailed directly to you. No other grocery coupon promotion is as simple to use!

Activate your $500 Grocery Savings Pass Redemption Certificate using its unique Certificate PIN Number by clicking the button under Certificate Activation located on the right side of this page. Upon activation and the setting up of your Grocery Coupon Account you will be able to return to this simple to use online fulfillment website, using your Certificate Number and the password that you selected during your account setup. You may return to this site as often as needed, for an entire year or until the entire $500 in Grocery Coupons have been ordered by the Certificate holder using the simple to use $25 Grocery Coupon Selection Certificates located within this fulfillment website.

The ultimate way to save money when purchasing the groceries that you want is now available with this tremendously valuable $500 Grocery Savings Pass that allows you to select the grocery coupons that you want without paying the industry standard "Coupon Clipping" fee for each coupon. You will be able to order coupons, to be sent directly to you by U.S. Mail, without any fees at all.

The entire activation and redemption process, allowing you to get your Free Grocery Coupons has been developed to be as simple to understand and easy to use as possible. In the event that you have any customer service related questions or just general questions about this program, please use the above "Customer Service" link to contact our helpful support staff.

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